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Staff Application - ITZ_DESTROYER - 25-09-2020

  • In-game Name:
  • Steam ID (STEAM_1:0:00000000): 
  • Age:
    16 (17 march 24 2021)
  • Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) :


  • Timezone:
  • Discord name (Name#0000):
  • Server Time (!mytime ingame)
        174 Hours, 45 Minutes and 52 seconds

How many hours can you staff on the server per day?

Hours may vairy as I am in collage. However I could try every evening.

What times can you be on?

Mainly evenings and weekends. Somtimes mornings too.

Why do you want to become Staff?: 

I would like to become staff just to help and make peoples time on this server as great of an experience as possible.

Do you have a mic?


Why do you think you personally should become Staff?: 

I think i should become staff as I have worked as staff on other servers and even hosted my own server and i understand how
difficult owning and running a server can be.

Any Staff experience from other games?: 

I have owned my own Rust server and I have been a memeber of staff in other Rust servers and some Unturned Servers.

In-Game Scenarios:
  • A player tells you that someone is making money while they have a building sign up. What do you do and why?

  • Firstly I would ask for the reporter to take me to the player. Once I am at the player reported, i will inspect the property and examine what is happening. If I find that the
    player in question is making money with a building sign I will issue a warning. However if the player is not found to be making money then I will ask the reporterrecord their gameplay for future evidence.
  • Player X hits player Y for 1 point of armor damage and player Y kills player X. Player X reports RDM, what do you do and why?
    First I would ask to hear both sides of the argument. Then i would check the logs to see if player X attacked Player Y first. if player X is found to be atttacking player Y first, then I will end the sitand I would tell player X to be carefull around other players. However if player X was found to be attacking with intension to aggrvate the other player then i would Warn player X.
  • Player X calls player Y a (whatever horrible insult comes to mind) over voice. Player Y asks for an admin for disrespect, what do you do and why?

  • Straight away I would ask Player Y for a screen recording. If player Y provdes a valid screen recoring where by Player X is heard calling Player Y a horrible insult, then as long as its is something generally disrespectful as in recist or harmfull, then I would ask player Y if he wants player X warned. If Player X is found to be telling Player Y to"Fc*k Off" or somthing like that then I would just ask Player X to be carefull and respectful to others.
  • 3 players report player X for RDM but you cannot find the player in question, what do you do and why

  • If i cannot find the player in question, I will ask that the players who made the RDM report if they see the player in question online then create a Report and a memeber of staff or me will be able to sort that player out.
  • A player accidentally crossfires someone in a raid and the player that got crossfired calls an admin for RDM, what do you do and why?

  • First I would check the logs to see how far away the player was from the raid. If the player who killed the reporter DID NOT "/advert Crossfire" then I will give the raider a warning. HOWEVER, if the player who was killed was very close to the raid then as long as the raider had "KOS IF NEAR" and they killed the player as they felt threatend then I would let go of the report and explain to the reporter how it was fair.
Any other info about Yourself:

I do FPV Drone Racing
I am at collage studying Plastering Level 1

I am also a Qualified Padi Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver with this I also trained to do a speciality in a "Dry Suit"

RE: Staff Application - Anger - 25-09-2020

You've had an incredible amount of warns and still do. You are NOT fit for staff.

RE: Staff Application - ITZ_DESTROYER - 26-09-2020

(25-09-2020, 07:03 PM)Anger Wrote: No.
You've had an incredible amount of warns and still do. You are NOT fit for staff.

LOL that was last year, ur still as "big headed" as before.

RE: Staff Application - Divlls - 26-09-2020

What was a year ago, if you`re talking about the app it was yesterday?

RE: Staff Application - Anger - 27-09-2020

Not wanting a huge rulebreaker doesn't make me "big headed". Collectively (throughout your 3 accounts), you had well over 30 warns and even got banned for it. However, it was agreed that you were to not play on any account other than your main one, which had the most amount of warnings.
With that being said, there's no chance of those warns being removed which means that you've got over 10 warns, making you unfit for staff.