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Warn Request TRXY Zombie & Chad Hulsey - DerankSim2K16 - 16-09-2020

Your Name : DerankSim2K16
Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:66431836 

Offenders Name : Trxy Zombie, Chad.Hulsey
Offenders SteamID : STEAM_0:1:559515173,STEAM_0:0:456726234 (Steam ID's are for each respectivly)

Evidence (REQUIRED) : https://youtu.be/ymO-LFvMBsE

Describe what happened : It was in the middle of the night that they joined, I decided to be nice, and came over to say hello and give them a vector printer. They had some trouble with their bitcoins, i helped them out, and decided it would be easiest to also go up there incase they had more questions. But when more people joined one turned extremely toxic and started RDMing. After a while i decided to start grabbing some Shadowplays, incase he decided to keep playing god. Then they both disconnected, so I rebuilt the base, but didnt let them back in because I thought they were too toxic. That's when more RDMing started, alot of NLR breaking, calling me ''Faggot'' and alot of prop abuse. The video i'm linking as evidence is cut, to show only the breaking of the rules, and not the times in between when they stopped for a hot minute or two. Keep in mind this took place from about 02:30 AM until 04:30 or longer.

Do you agree that if you take down any evidence within the report you will be punished : Yes.

RE: Warn Request TRXY Zombie & Chad Hulsey - Divlls - 16-09-2020

+Rep good boye

trxy is just the embodiment of a cod xbox 360 lobby

RE: Warn Request TRXY Zombie & Chad Hulsey - Anger - 18-09-2020


Both players are getting a 2 week ban. Simply unacceptable, especially from someone who even applied for staff.